Introduction to Sanatan Hindu Sanskar Kendra

Living in Lafayette area has been a wonderful experience for many of us. With  its unique culture, festivals and food it has earned its place in US. As you all know apart from enjoying cajun culture, we (Indian Community)  also actively participate in sharing Indian culture to the Lafayette  community. With a strong Indian association in town, we manage to host  and participate in various activities around the year.

We also have a active Hindu community in town such as Sanatan Hindu  Sunday School, Gujarti Samaj and Purna Vidya for kids. We organize  spiritual events around the year such as Janmastami, Ganesh Chaturdi,  Sivarathri, Ramanavami, Holi, Ugadi and Navarathri. We have seen active  participation and devotion of our friends and family in such activities.

Inspite of all these, we miss a Hindu temple in Lafayette area. We  have to travel more than an hour to the nearest temple. We seldom miss  opportunities to show devotion and serve the almighty in various  occasions due to far of distances. Many such opportunities include  pradakshanam, archana, abhishekam, satsang, bhajans, yagna and many  more. Whether its a new year, birthdays, anniversaries or festivals lack of having a spiritual place is felt by many of us for many years.

Many discussions were  initiated in the past to address this issue and with evolution of ideas  from past and a vision for the future, a spiritual organization called  “Sanatan Hindu Sanskar Kendra” (SHSK) was formed this year (2013). This  organization mission is to build a Hindu Temple in Lafayette area.

Santan Hindu Sanskar Kendra is a Louisiana state approved non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. The organization with its 5 board members  have initiated discussions to find prospective Trustees for the  organization. The board members have planned one on one discussions with many of the prospective members to be a part of board of Trustees for  the next two years.

Board members introduced this organization on August 17th and 28th  of 2013 to a group of active supporters of this cause. To accomplish the mission, SHSK needs to be adopted by the members of the Lafayette Hindu community.

SHSK is actively seeking  membership dues from prospective members in coming months. A nominal  annual fee of $100 per person is required to be a member. A registered  member will be eligible to elect the board of trustees to build the  organization. There is also an option to become a lifetime member by  contributing $5000.

With all your support and help, we believe that the mission of  bringing up a Hindu temple in Lafayette area will soon come true. Don’t  miss this great opportunity of this history making event of building a  great Hindu temple in Lafayette. Please contact current acting board  members on how you can be a part of this wonderful opportunity. Please  find the attached membership form along with this email.

Thank You,


The current acting volunteering board members.